Slot Machine The Most Entertaining Game on Casino

Slot machine is a basic games in majority of casino, everyone like to play it because it need small bet that can get big winning reward. Slot machine basically a box of machine with display and have lever or button, to play it just put inside some coin / ticket / tapping rfid deposit card and on the display will spin the display, by pressing or moving lever and it will start to stop in certain type of combo, you will get bonus reward depends on that combo. Combo is a matching image or several symbol that usually written on that machine.

Slot machine start to gain popularity in 1891 in U.S. there are 2 type of slot machine, for adult it prizes a money or some sort of adult things like cigarettes. For kids slot machine are cheaper and prizes like candy, gum, or snacks. In 1963, slot machine start to motorized using electronic and mechanical, it’s more popular in casino cause using a lot of interesting light and images so player will get attention and interesting to play this machine.

basic slot machines

Slot machine also constructed in many form, but basically it has 3, 5 or many images on display. Some machine allow horizontal, vertical, diagonal matching combo of those images. Images are build with wheel so it spin randomly when player is put some coin to play this machine.

In modern era, now slot machine evolve to video slot machine, it use LCD display to replace that spinning machine, it easier to maintain and machine itself has motherboard or some sort like computerized machine so casino allow and easier to control that machine rather than traditional style. There are other slot machine type which is play online based on video games, player can directly play on their smartphone or laptop, to play it more simple. Player just deposit to their casino and play whatever they want to.