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Eloi and Morlocks

If you have not read H. G. Well's "The Time Machine" I highly recommend it as a science fiction masterpiece. The hero builds a machine that transports him hundreds of thousands of years into the future where he meets two different species of human beings, the eloi and the morlocks. The movie is as terrible as the book is excellent.

The eloi evolved from the ruling class. They live in beautiful gardens and ruins amid fragrant flowers and tasty fruits. Their days are filled with fun. They have no understanding of the things that are provided for them and feel no need to understand. They are pretty but useless.

The morlocks evolved from the working class. They live underground with the machines where it is dark and dangerous. They make things and provide them to the eloi whom they treat as food animals. They are ugly but productive.

Allowing that the darkness and the cannibalism are plot devices I see this as a brilliant piece of extrapolation. As I look around I see two cultures with different values. Eloi and the morlocks walk among us today; you just have to look for them.

Eloi live in the television world where appearance is everything. Their work is either interpersonal or artistic and rarely about making money. They believe in all types of magic. They don't understand what morlocks do. They regard machines, numbers, money, and weapons as evil and would like them to disappear so we could live like the happy chimpanzees. Eloi create our culture.

Morlocks live in the concrete world where appearance is less important than productivity. Their work is with machines or numbers and is usually about making money. They rarely believe in magic. They don't understand how eloi survive without producing anything of substance. They regard machines, numbers, money, and weapons as sources of power and enjoyment that make us different from the unhappy chimpanzees. Morlocks create our material well being.