Nowadays, Online Gambling Take Everyone Attention!

Mobile gambling is very popular nowadays. People are gamble and betting easily from their mobile phones, tablet, or laptop. It start from 2003 while online gambling begin through internet worldwide, but that time is limited to various of preference. Difficulty of deposite, gettin paid, lack of promotion, and many scammers ( it still a lot now ) make online gambling not as a main option for gamblers that time.

poker online

In early 2005, majority of country that illegalized gambling act are run their own casino in underground way. Mostly in asia, sportsbook are very popular, they run through telemarketing and keeping their own loyality customer to up date the match.

Usually, Online gambling  played in your smartphone, laptop, or tablet with browser or their own app. There are various of gambling game inside, majority of sportsbook, and many offer flash game such as slot, blackjack, poker but now they can enjoy of live poker, live blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette with video and real livestreaming. This make gamblers much more enjoy and pleasure to play in it, they don’t have to go outside and dress up to enter the casino. There are many world-famous gambling companies such as Bwin, Bet365, HokiPanda, LadBrokes, and others. HokiPanda is a fast growing company in Indonesia. They have just run a new website and are well known as Situs Judi Bola Online (the Online Soccer Gambling Site) which is the favorite of all Asian groups.

Around 2012, online gambling is easier than before. This spread to most country that not allow to gamble in casino, so people over there making their own website underground for such gambling den. Deposit and withdrawal now much easier with many option, promotions also make more attention for gamblers such as bonus for first deposit, daily bonus, cashback, free spin or slot machine and many other promotion.

In 2011, some European contry already legalized for online mobile gambling. Google playstore and apple store aplication is restricting some country to promote such as gambling apps. They have their own rules depend on which region they play / registered. According to survey study, 1.2% of mobile phone users are playing casino / gambling through their phone and global earn from mobile gambling is around 50 billion dollars in 2015, and it still growing.