How Gambling Affect to Human Behaviour

Gambling isn’t always related to play in casino, or put some money on your favourite sportsbook competition. Gambling nowadays is concept of daily risk and path in our society. What is actually a gamble, gamble is kind a concept we can found in everyday live some example if we need decision to make that beyond our plan, that’s actually is a gambling act.

Why gambling is also addiction to Human ? Because our nature of think and respons is somehow based on gainning and winning, sometimes not corelated to money. It can be power, control, or decision plan. Human also basically live on really big hope and fear on behind them, and gambling is one their mind to do between it.

Without based on theory and basic line, gamble isn’t really that bad if you play it on safe environment. When on the working environment, you must achieve certain target to get high profit bonus, you will gamble everything on it but you also calculated loss if you can’t achieve. Other hand like casino is place to test our hope and fear, it play on our mind to gamble and bet sometimes with skills to put on hope to gainning such a big winning chance. Difference is when you gamble in casino and lose all everything on your bet, but when you gamble something in work, or decision in life you don’t lose all of it.

Betting Effect

Gambling in casino is really addict to some people, major factor is easy to get a lot of money just in one decision to make. But in reality, casino also using mathematical theory so your bet is not just 50:50 win. People with addiction of gambling also try to quit with a lot of methods. They can just quit and never touch again, or seeing phsycologist to try erase addiction from their mind. Gambling addiction in casino or betting also gain negative effect to our environment such as family, friends. Not only that, betting could make we lose everything, financial problem, stress.