Capsa is basically of poker game that very popular in Indonesia. Capsa have basic play of poker but can be played in 2 games, capsa banting or capsa susun. Capsa have arrangement of each set card with similarity of poker , for example same high card colour & value, pair, two pair, three of kind ( some called trish ), straight , flush, full house, four of a kind ( siki ), straight flush, royal flush (dong wa sun ).

Capsa Rules

Originated from China, capsa is introduced in indonesia around 1960. widely spread with traditionally ruled and affected from remi playing card, capsa became what it is now. Very famous from generation X and Y as millenial card games, capsa also known in gambling online site majority targeted to Indonesian gamblers.

Capsa banting is a draw card game needed 4 players so card will be divided into 13 cards for each player. First player with his/her hand of 3 diamond must start first, he/she can take out 3 diamond set or piece, if come out with piece then other player should follow and take out higher card in piece. If come out in pair, then other player continue with higher pair, and so on. Player who don’t or can’t fight can pass their turn. 3 card set can be losen with 3 card and so on. 2 pair sometimes are not allowed. Player with finishing their entire card is the first winner, player by holding most of the cards are the loser. Diamond is smallest, spade is highest. Ace can be 1 or highest, the smallest number is 3.

While capsa susun is following of deck rules. To play it kind a different bit, player must take 14 card, and then stacking their own card to whatever they prefer basic on deck rules. And then player can start to show entire card that already arrange as set or high card. If player get highest point from the arrangement of their card, he/she is the winner.