Gambling has been around for a century, back from BC in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Gambling has very popular until now. If you live in this generation, many gambling platforms ready to serve you like Master Agen Sbobet, Ibcbet Login, Joker Gaming, etc. Every era has its gambling, for example in ancient Rome it has gladiator, Egypt has an animal fight, Ancient China has card gambling, Great Britain has horse race betting. You cannot deny that gambling is one forbidden act but still conducted through society even if illegal, certain people still running this business under the table. We will discuss the act of gambling from the 20th century to the 21st century around the world.

Around 1900, majority gamble is spread among bookmakers, they went across a pub, or community place that mostly for adult. The bookmakers set up for bet, telling results, absorbing of losses, and paid the winning bet. This gamble mostly for sports, or a certain event. Because of excitement, the community is supporting bookmakers and now became shops operation also legalized in the gambling act in 1960. continue along with horseracing in Europe, the gambling has several types such as betting on animal race or fight to the human fighting event.

The majority of the gambling activity is regulated by the government, It may use as an entertainment purpose, spin funds, helping or donation to helping political twist. Gambling owners usually like to take effect on its political government but in secretive. For example in Japan, Mostly pachinko as gambling den is run by yakuza or mobs. They also affect their government through political power.

In world war I and world war II, gambling den are very popular for greyhound and horse racing, but some are closed by organization anti-gambling act but in the meantime, the government has seen this as leisure entertainment for the people. Soon be reopening again and greyhound race is one of the most popular that can earn more than 190.000.000 pounds sterling in 1946. While the lottery still actively spread through the newspaper.

Post World War II, the majority of the country has created laws regarding gambling act, places, and arrange for legalizing. The casino became much popular in the United States, Las Vegas appointed for sin city that allows and legal gambling act. Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machine were very popular this time. But animal fighting or racing, eventual gambling such as sportsbook, political election, to a certain event also still exist as gambling.

In the 21st century, gambling has become online. Most of the western and Asian countries were regulating this act. This act to prevent money from laundry or corruption. In 2010 most Asian countries are getting bomb by online gambling through their smartphone. Local dealers and foreign dealers were pushing and expanding to this kind of job. This kind of gambling is mostly secret and hidden under government law.


Mobile gambling is very popular nowadays. People are gamble and betting easily from their mobile phones, tablet, or laptop. It start from 2003 while online gambling begin through internet worldwide, but that time is limited to various of preference. Difficulty of deposite, gettin paid, lack of promotion, and many scammers ( it still a lot now ) make online gambling not as a main option for gamblers that time.

poker online

In early 2005, majority of country that illegalized gambling act are run their own casino in underground way. Mostly in asia, sportsbook are very popular, they run through telemarketing and keeping their own loyality customer to up date the match.

Usually, Online gambling  played in your smartphone, laptop, or tablet with browser or their own app. There are various of gambling game inside, majority of sportsbook, and many offer flash game such as slot, blackjack, poker but now they can enjoy of live poker, live blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette with video and real livestreaming. This make gamblers much more enjoy and pleasure to play in it, they don’t have to go outside and dress up to enter the casino. There are many world-famous gambling companies such as Bwin, Bet365, HokiPanda, LadBrokes, and others. HokiPanda is a fast growing company in Indonesia. They have just run a new website and are well known as Situs Judi Bola Online (the Online Soccer Gambling Site) which is the favorite of all Asian groups.

Around 2012, online gambling is easier than before. This spread to most country that not allow to gamble in casino, so people over there making their own website underground for such gambling den. Deposit and withdrawal now much easier with many option, promotions also make more attention for gamblers such as bonus for first deposit, daily bonus, cashback, free spin or slot machine and many other promotion.

In 2011, some European contry already legalized for online mobile gambling. Google playstore and apple store aplication is restricting some country to promote such as gambling apps. They have their own rules depend on which region they play / registered. According to survey study, 1.2% of mobile phone users are playing casino / gambling through their phone and global earn from mobile gambling is around 50 billion dollars in 2015, and it still growing.

Slot machine is a basic games in majority of casino, everyone like to play it because it need small bet that can get big winning reward. Slot machine basically a box of machine with display and have lever or button, to play it just put inside some coin / ticket / tapping rfid deposit card and on the display will spin the display, by pressing or moving lever and it will start to stop in certain type of combo, you will get bonus reward depends on that combo. Combo is a matching image or several symbol that usually written on that machine.

Slot machine start to gain popularity in 1891 in U.S. there are 2 type of slot machine, for adult it prizes a money or some sort of adult things like cigarettes. For kids slot machine are cheaper and prizes like candy, gum, or snacks. In 1963, slot machine start to motorized using electronic and mechanical, it’s more popular in casino cause using a lot of interesting light and images so player will get attention and interesting to play this machine.

basic slot machines

Slot machine also constructed in many form, but basically it has 3, 5 or many images on display. Some machine allow horizontal, vertical, diagonal matching combo of those images. Images are build with wheel so it spin randomly when player is put some coin to play this machine.

In modern era, now slot machine evolve to video slot machine, it use LCD display to replace that spinning machine, it easier to maintain and machine itself has motherboard or some sort like computerized machine so casino allow and easier to control that machine rather than traditional style. There are other slot machine type which is play online based on video games, player can directly play on their smartphone or laptop, to play it more simple. Player just deposit to their casino and play whatever they want to.

Gambling isn’t always related to play in casino, or put some money on your favourite sportsbook competition. Gambling nowadays is concept of daily risk and path in our society. What is actually a gamble, gamble is kind a concept we can found in everyday live some example if we need decision to make that beyond our plan, that’s actually is a gambling act.

Why gambling is also addiction to Human ? Because our nature of think and respons is somehow based on gainning and winning, sometimes not corelated to money. It can be power, control, or decision plan. Human also basically live on really big hope and fear on behind them, and gambling is one their mind to do between it.

Without based on theory and basic line, gamble isn’t really that bad if you play it on safe environment. When on the working environment, you must achieve certain target to get high profit bonus, you will gamble everything on it but you also calculated loss if you can’t achieve. Other hand like casino is place to test our hope and fear, it play on our mind to gamble and bet sometimes with skills to put on hope to gainning such a big winning chance. Difference is when you gamble in casino and lose all everything on your bet, but when you gamble something in work, or decision in life you don’t lose all of it.

Betting Effect

Gambling in casino is really addict to some people, major factor is easy to get a lot of money just in one decision to make. But in reality, casino also using mathematical theory so your bet is not just 50:50 win. People with addiction of gambling also try to quit with a lot of methods. They can just quit and never touch again, or seeing phsycologist to try erase addiction from their mind. Gambling addiction in casino or betting also gain negative effect to our environment such as family, friends. Not only that, betting could make we lose everything, financial problem, stress.

Capsa is basically of poker game that very popular in Indonesia. Capsa have basic play of poker but can be played in 2 games, capsa banting or capsa susun. Capsa have arrangement of each set card with similarity of poker , for example same high card colour & value, pair, two pair, three of kind ( some called trish ), straight , flush, full house, four of a kind ( siki ), straight flush, royal flush (dong wa sun ).

Capsa Rules

Originated from China, capsa is introduced in indonesia around 1960. widely spread with traditionally ruled and affected from remi playing card, capsa became what it is now. Very famous from generation X and Y as millenial card games, capsa also known in gambling online site majority targeted to Indonesian gamblers.

Capsa banting is a draw card game needed 4 players so card will be divided into 13 cards for each player. First player with his/her hand of 3 diamond must start first, he/she can take out 3 diamond set or piece, if come out with piece then other player should follow and take out higher card in piece. If come out in pair, then other player continue with higher pair, and so on. Player who don’t or can’t fight can pass their turn. 3 card set can be losen with 3 card and so on. 2 pair sometimes are not allowed. Player with finishing their entire card is the first winner, player by holding most of the cards are the loser. Diamond is smallest, spade is highest. Ace can be 1 or highest, the smallest number is 3.

While capsa susun is following of deck rules. To play it kind a different bit, player must take 14 card, and then stacking their own card to whatever they prefer basic on deck rules. And then player can start to show entire card that already arrange as set or high card. If player get highest point from the arrangement of their card, he/she is the winner.